Easter is early this year, and so Lent begins this week.

Our worship and Spiritual growth in Lent 2016 will be guided by scripture and the book, Gifts of the Dark Wood, by Eric Elnes.

WEDNESDAY Feb. 10th is Ash Wednesday and will provide an introduction to our journey into the dark woods and the imposition of ashes to mark the beginning of this season of deep preparation and study. WORSHIP BEGINS AT 6:30 PM.

Each Sunday in Lent we will have two opportunities to explore the dark woods of our lives
9am Coffee Chat will have guests from around the world (via DVD) exploring themes from Elnes’ book and encouraging us to explore those themes.

10:00 worship will incorporate music, scripture, readings, prayers each week, as we explore the Gifts of the Dark Woods in the context of worship.

Also, if you would like a copy of the book, Gifts of the Dark Woods, there will be copies available through the office, or you may order it on your own.
the amount to cover the church’s cost will be $11.50